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What is a Mini Truck

Which Truck is the Best

Do it Better

There are 5 manufacturers of mini trucks in Japan, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Subaru. The most common question we are asked is “which truck is the best?” The answer to that question is, there isn’t one. While each manufacturer may be unique to itself, every kei truck is built to the same strict automotive standards as modern day cars and trucks unlike a UTV which is powersports baised. Differences In mini trucks between the manufactures is options and cab design. Choosing the right truck depends on how you will use your truck. Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Toyota are your heavy duty trucks. Honda and Subaru are medium to light duty trucks. Adding a plow, pulling a trailer, hauling firewood, dirt, whatever you can fit in the bed we recommend Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Toyota as they can haul up to one ton in the bed. 



Another common question is will a person 6’- 6’7”+ fit? Answer is YES! Slight differences in cab and interior design makes a big difference in room. Mitsubishi and Subaru by design have the most room inside, both for leg room and space between your stomach and steering wheel, with Mitsubishi having just a little more than Suabru.

Dollar for dollar nothing provides the same value as a mini truck. Mini trucks are automotive unlike a UTV. Engineered to last up to 200,000 miles+. Mini trucks are the ultimate UTV as nothing else on the market is built to this level of quality, capability, and reliability. 


Unlike a UTV heat is standard with optional air conditioning. Doors, windshield standard. A bed roughly 5×7 provides more space for whatever you need to haul than any UTV. 


Being automotive baised, mini trucks have a real transmission with metal gears and a driveshaft. No problematic clutches, belts, or hydrostatic drive lines like a UTV equals less power loss and more reliability.