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About Us



Lucky’s Mini Trucks is the premier Importer of Japanese Mini Trucks in the midwest. We are a Wisconsin company and located at the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The trucks we import are hand picked by our owner and undergo a thorough Inspection process before leaving Japan.. When we receive the trucks, they undergo a secondary inspection and service for fluids. Our quality control alleviate any concerns our customers may have and also ensures that our Customers get the best trucks available at the best price!



Each truck that is imported is awd/4×4 unless noted and they all come standard with heat. The trucks are also fitted with a manual gear box. The beds are fixed with folding side and rear gates that also detached. Lift beds, ac, and other additional features will be noted per trucks and does not come standard. Some features are much more uncommon to find, however if their is a certain specification that your interested in. Please let us know and we will do our due diligence to find your perfect minitruck.